From a review by John Shulson in the Virginia Gazette, December 2022 

Cantori is a gem of a choral ensemble, the collective sound of which was pure, well-balanced and perfectly blended, especially desirable in a program calling for often intricate, close harmonies and a cappella moments when that purity of sound excelled.

Comments from audience members:

Once again, you have defined ‘perfection.’

The diction was so clear that I didn’t even have to follow the text in my program.

I just had the pleasure of attending your concert. I am awestruck. I pray
that heaven sounds like your exquisite ensemble.  Thank you so very much.

Really wonderful. Exactly what we were looking forward to. From the day I first heard Cantori, I’ve always regarded the group as unique among the various choral groups in Williamsburg, the best of the best without question. Yesterday’s performance was just one more proof of that.

Sunday’s concert thoroughly fed my soul! Such carefully selected works – poignantly sensitive phrasing executed through those luscious chordal transitions! A truly stellar performance!

The musicianship you bring out in your vocalists is truly sensitive and so refreshing! The gentle phrasing and sumptuous sound you bring forth is amazing – the highest quality I’ve heard since moving to Williamsburg!

The Cantori event was the most mind blowing, profound , moving presentation of Christmas that I have ever experienced. Makes me want to spill out all of the superlatives I can think of. I moved through many very live recollections… from a 12 year old smelling an intense piny aroma while kneeling in front of the Bethlehem scene to our first married Christmas. I was also very much alive right there following the printed word and lifted by that gorgeously different music.

It was the most gorgeous collection of love songs I’ve heard anywhere.
It was truly beautifully sung.
What a special musical evening! We enjoyed it so very much and look forward to the next.
It was really exceptional!
It was your attention to the smallest detail in performance that made the evening a real treat.

Comment in The Last Word,
The Virginia Gazette:

Bravo! The May 13 concert directed by Agnes French, with guest artist Timothy Seaman playing Irish whistle and flute, was out-of-this-world wonderful! It is hard to believe that such incredible sounds come from the voices of just five men and seven women. Such careful blending of vocal sounds is impressive and rarely heard.